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This class is online and in person.  Cost is $90.00 for the course. Please let me know who will be paying by filling out the disclosure document. I will bill you or your employer directly. I require a deposit of $40.00.  I will send you the course materials after I receive the deposit.

 Read the "disclosure document" on the link below.

To sign up for the online class: 

  1. Read and sign the Disclosure document.  

  2.  Review the class objectives in the CDPHE presentation below. 

  3. The skills test must be completed in person after you pass the online testing.  Register for an upcoming event.


Only Facilities with a minimum 5 or more candidates are eligible for the In Person class. 

Please contact me directly on the "contact me" link below to set this up.

I can also do refreshers courses.

Nancy Beckwith RN BSN

Carbondale Colorado, 81623


Daily dose of vitamins
Course Objectives 


  1. To qualify non medical person to administer medications in specific settings and situations.

  2. To learn how to read medication orders from a physician’s order.

  3. To describe when it is unsafe to administer medications, including certain settings.

  4. To practice documentation of medications on a standard MAR (Medication Administration Record).

  5. To identify the different routes for administering medications and demonstrate correct administration techniques.

  6. To learn how to check for allergies and what to do about allergies.

  7. To describe how medications are used.  Be able to use resources to find out this information.

  8. To understand and be able to use the 7 rights of medication administration.  

  9. To describe the safe methods for storage, disposing  and handling of all medications including narcotics.

  10. To demonstrate how to use a Medication Reminder Box and explain why it is used.

  11. To teach the students to use math skill to calculate medication dosages and test on the proficiency of the math completed.


Green pharmacy sign
Review the free QMAP Presentation from the CDPHE below:


 You will need to set up an account with CO-  to take the Colorado QMAP Preparatory course. Once you have completed it, send me the certificate for the course.

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